Guns in the Classroom

Let’s be clear. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and I own a firearm. Many North Carolinians, young and old, grew up around firearms, and that right is ingrained into our mountain heritage.

Some have argued that allowing teachers to carry firearms in the classroom is a common-sense solution to the school safety issue. They’re wrong. Bills such as Senate Bill 192 (also known as the School Security Act of 2019) are not the right answer to deterring school violence. Arming teachers simply adds layers of complexity to the problem and, in fact, could make the problem much worse.

Need evidence? Recently, a teacher in St. Louis County, Missouri, lost track of a firearm and it was later discovered that it had been taken by middle school students. A teacher in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, left a pistol on the back of a toilet tank in the restroom and it was found by second graders. A teacher at Dalton High School in Georgia mishandled a weapon in a class full of students and it discharged (thankfully, nobody was injured).

Local outstanding educator Paula Dinga says, “It’s a dangerous proposition to think that hardening our schools and bringing more weapons into the environment would be an answer to the problems that are producing the violence.”

She’s right. The solution to the problem will require thought and intentionality, not more guns and the potential for them to fall into the wrong hands.

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