Chuck Edwards = Big Fat Zero on the Environment

Representative Chuck McGrady had the good sense to vote against the 2017 bill that prevented local governments from banning single-use plastic bags within their jurisdictions.

Senator Chuck Edwards, on the other hand, did the bidding of the special interests and the Republican Party and voted with the majority. Is it any wonder why Edwards has a lifetime score of TEN PERCENT, according to, on issues regarding conservation and environmental protection?

Even if you ignore the fact that there are alternatives to plastic and that it’s both harmful to the environment and ugly to look at, this is another example of big government overreach, and of Raleigh pushing their agenda on the rest of the state…including those of us who live right here in WNC.

The WNC Riverkeeper says:

“A common site on our rivers these days. NC politicians made it illegal in 2017 for local governments to ban plastics. Our republican leaders took away local control from cities and counties to protect the plastic industry, and as a result pollute our rivers.

“Your WNC legislators Ballard, Dobson, Edwards, Henson, and Presnell all voted yes. Thanks to Roy Cooper for vetoing the bill and Ager, Fisher, Van Duyn, and McGrady for voting no. Let’s overturn the ban!” #plasticpollution #cleanwater#peopleoverprofit